Sam Cheever knows how to make you chuckle while you’re fanning yourself over her sexy and sweet heroes. The dedicated and gorgeous doctor is another fabulous leading man and although he isn’t an alpha hero he makes you see why not all men need to be. He is so intelligent and emotional with a fine balance of masculine fierceness. Vivica is one spunky heroine and I loved her young and fresh attitude. The setting for this story is fantastic and I’d like to sign up to at least spend my next vacation there. Alaska has always held an appealing mystery for many people and I love the residents who inhabit this interesting northern community. I am a huge fan of this author’s humorous writing style and I was not disappointed with this fun and sexy offering, there is a reason she is on the top of my must-read list and this adventure is proof of why she remains there.

Book Blurb for Splintered

Current climate in Tuktu, Alaska: Mostly sunny, with a chance of partly furry.

Life isn’t going well for Vivica Breckenridge. Recently relocated to Tuktu, Alaska, she expects things to be a little squiggy for a while as she acclimates to a whole new place, with new people and new ways of doing things. But she has no idea how squiggy they’re going to get. Until she wakes up one morning with fur over only part of her body. Things can’t get much weirder than that! Or can they?

***This book was previously published.***

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2012 4.50