Speed Dating in the Cold

Eve Summers provides a swift little romance that embraces the speed dating concept. I loved that this was a quick and fun read, perfect for a workday break, early morning pick me up or a superb way to wind down your day. The description was fantastic and I could definitely feel the sting of the frigidly cold air. I could also feel the inquiring glances from the speed dating participants and I recognized a few of them. I know it was a very short story but I wish I could have gotten to know the characters a little more. For me the most important part of a story is how I feel about the characters. I felt no connection with the heroine and I’m sad to say that I felt even less with the hero. I’d love to see a follow up story. I will definitely pick up another offering of this author as I enjoyed her style. If you need a fun quick read this one is a solid choice.

Sarah Hadfield has had enough of big city life and big city men, she’s ready to start fresh and find exactly what she’s looking for. She wants to settle down and start a family in a slower paced life. So perhaps a little speed might be the answer to get her just where she needs to be. So she decides to a round of speed dating can help her find the perfect man in Anchorage, Alaska.

Book Blurb for Speed Dating in the Cold

Speed dating has its advantages. Like, well, speed. City girl Sarah Hadfield, however, is sick of speed and even more sick of city slick.

She wants to slow down, settle down, and start a family. In the cold winds of Anchorage, Alaska, can she find a guy to share her dream?

Night Owl Reviews May, 2013 3.00