Slide Down on Me

Lissa Matthews gets down and dirty with this fabulously raw romance! I loved these two characters and how they both embraced their appetites with no shame, no apologies. I love strong characters and Travis and Bella are both striking personalities, while the heroine has a vulnerability that is appealing it doesn’t make her seem weak or inferior in any way. Travis is demanding without being demeaning and is everything Bella has fantasized about come to reality. They are well suited in the bedroom, and anywhere else they decide to get busy for that matter. And yet it was interesting to see them pussyfooting around their actual feelings toward each other. The additional characters were not only entertaining they did a fantastic job of revealing portions of the lead couple's personalities and moving the story along. I loved the setting and would be happy to revisit the beautiful town again, perhaps we can find a suitable match for Travis' brother. I would enjoy learning more about Bella's brother and his misdeeds as I'm a sucker for a bad boy gone good.

When Arabella comes back to her small town without her fortune, things are not what they used to be but some things never change. Mechanic Travis is sexier than she remembers and with more muscles and tattoos she can't help but fantasize. However when he realizes she can't afford her car repairs he propositions her to both their satisfaction. Now that fantasies have come true, will they go their separate ways or work towards a future together.

Book Blurb for Slide Down on Me

Small-town mechanic and tattooed bad boy Travis keeps his profile low, his needs satisfied outside the city limits, and his business running smoothly. He doesn’t cause trouble and he certainly doesn’t want any. Trouble finds him one scorching afternoon, however, in the form of the equally scorching Arabella Drake. The former heiress owes Travis for car repairs, money she can’t readily pay.

Their situation requires a creative solution, and while most of the town rejects Bella, Travis wants to ravish her. He offers a proposal, one that will soften the repair costs—and satisfy Travis’ longstanding wish to have Bella Drake naked, writhing and sliding down on every inch of him.

A Romantica® contemporary erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2014 4.50