Sixth Sense

A Psychic Crystal Mystery

Marilyn Baron introduces readers to an intriguing, albeit reluctant, psychic detective in this paranormal romantic suspense story. Katherine Crystal is a strong and captivating heroine and I loved her strong convictions from the moment she was introduced. It took me a little longer to warm up to Jack but once I did I was completely happy with him. The antagonists were all compelling without being too predictable or stereotypical. If I had a complaint with this book it was that with so many different cases I think it might have been a good idea to divide things up and release these stories in installments. I enjoyed the varying locations and the descriptions that accompanied each and every one, the details were subtle and seemed to jump off the page with accuracy and entertainment. I’m looking forward to seeing what other exploits this group can get up to and getting an update on how Romeo is getting along with Juliet.

Katherine Crystal turns to the media and the police after a disturbing vision and when the unthinkable happens and the young boy dies she becomes an overnight celebrity psychic. Detective Jack Hale regrets the moment he answered Crystal Ball Kate's call and because he didn't believe her he must now work with her on another case to appease the brass. Can Jack put his intense dislike for the supernatural on hold long enough to catch a killer? And will he be able to avoid the intense attraction he has for the woman who has turned his life upside down?

Book Blurb for Sixth Sense

Reluctant psychic Katherine Crystal, dubbed "Crystal Ball Kate," is thrust into the national spotlight when she accurately predicts the death of a movie actor's young son in a private plane crash. Besieged by requests to use her powers to help others, she realizes why her parents had warned her never to let anyone know of her visions.

By-the-book Atlanta police detective Jack Hale harbors a deep-seated distrust of psychics and ignores Katherine's warnings when she calls to report her premonition. Jack is forced to partner with Kate, who uses her eerie sensitivity to evil to help him catch a serial killer in Sydney, Australia, but that's only the beginning of the story. Jack and Kate are drawn into the investigation of a mystery surrounding Kate's birth and find murder and romance among a secret society of psychics in the quaint seaside spiritualist community of Casa Spirito, Florida.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2014 3.00