Sister's Keeper

Best Friends Book 1

It is no secret that I love sexy heroes and curvy heroines and Kelly and Dom are two such characters. Kelly is so endearing as she has basically been a good girl her whole life and now she is given a chance to live out a fantasy. Who doesn't want to say to heck with the consequences and just live for the moment just once in their life? What made it so good was that she was so conflicted, if she had not shown a care for his feelings I would not have cared for hers. I cheered Kelly on while holding my breath that everything would work out for this couple. Dom is keeping his own secrets and I loved how we were given glimpses into his thoughts but kept in the dark almost as long as Kelly as to his true feelings. I enjoyed this story and I'd love to see two of the secondary players each get their very own adventure, or maybe they could have one together.

Kelly knows what it's like to be jilted so when her twin sister bails on a romantic weekend with her latest beau, Kelly decides to break the news to him in person. Things get complicated when he initially mistakes her for Karen and she falls into his arms. Dom Evans is keeping a secret as well which is why he doesn't confront Kelly when he realizes who she really is. Can these two reveal their secrets without risking their new relationship?

Book Blurb for Sister's Keeper

Kelly’s always considered herself the responsible sister. So when her twin abruptly elopes with a former boyfriend, she feels compelled to break the news to the man expecting to spend a romantic weekend with Karen. Her plans to do the right thing go awry when he mistakes her for Karen. One explosive kiss and she’s helpless to stop herself from falling for Karen’s jilted lover. Despite the desire raging between them, a part of her wants to confess her true identity. A stronger, more sensual part, urges her to cast off her good-girl persona and revel in the knowledge that the man of her dreams can’t keep his hands or lips off her.

Dom Evans, just out of a bad relationship, is stunned when he opens the door one night to find himself staring at a shy, but sexy woman he can’t resist. Although he knows she’s playing a game of pretend, he wonders how long it will be before she realizes he’s playing along.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2011 4.00