Seven Days and Six Worst-Case Scenarios

Victoria Douglas Vacation Mysteries, #1

Leslie Huggans whisks readers away to a lush paradise, and peppers them with adventure and hilarity in Seven Days and Six Worst-Case Scenarios. Main characters Victoria Douglas and her best friend/ sidekick Julie Tran are not your typical Miss Marples, but watching them unravel the myriad of mysteries they find themselves in is a real treat. I can honestly say that even after reading this book I'm not sure that I like Victoria. It wasn't as if there were any glaring flaws in her personality, but I didn't find myself making an emotional connection with her character. Thankfully, my lack of connection did not hinder my enjoyment. These two normal women find themselves in such extraordinary and unusual situations, yet the situations never seem impossible. Ex-flame (and current confusion) Alex Marshall is the mysterious alpha male we all adore, which adds some fantastic heat to the tropical location. There are so many characters and so many scenarios that the story moves swiftly, which kept me on my toes. I still had a few unanswered questions at the end of the story, but seeing as our heroine is scheduled to take on another adventure, hopefully all the loose ends will be secured before she embarks on her new venture within the Victoria Douglas Vacation Mysteries series.

Looking forward to a vacation, Victoria Douglas and her best friend take off for St. Kitts. They both look forward to catching up with one another, and catching some sun and fun. However, upon their arrival on the tropical island, Victoria's spunky attitude and sassy mouth get them in trouble. They find themselves under suspicion for murder and the targets of international drug runners. And, this happens within the first few days of their vacation. How on earth will they survive a week in paradise?

Book Blurb for Seven Days and Six Worst-Case Scenarios

Mix dry wit with a juicy corpse and let it simmer over a red hot romance to serve up a wicked comedy.

Curious, quirky, crisis consultant Victoria Douglas needs a vacation, and to learn to keep her sassy mouth shut. Instead, she’s gunning a stolen SUV up a mountain with beer cans and bug spray as her only weapons in a fight for survival. She and her investigative reporter friend, Julie Tran, have landed in a Caribbean vacation crap-sandwich bursting with murder, narcotics, and one gorgeous piece of man-flesh.

College flame, Alex Marshall, professed his love and disappeared without a trace. Twelve years later he materializes at Victoria’s resort on St. Kitts and he’s got more charm and sex appeal than ever. Tingling lady bits and long-buried feelings aside, Victoria discovers she and Julie are at the center of a criminal conspiracy that stretches across two continents. They’ve got one chance to prove their innocence before competing nefarious factions feed them to the fish…or worse. Victoria has to decide just how far she is willing to go to save her life and mend her heart.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2015 3.50