Sense of the Season

Kate Dolan avoids the fripperies of the season and brings forth the goodwill this time of the year seems to usher in. Matty comes across as very severe when you first meet her yet as her situation is revealed it is quite understandable why she is as responsible as she is. She is kind-hearted yet she desperately needs some fun and joy in her life. I loved how William feels about Matilda how he is caught up in the past and that it takes him a bit to reconcile the woman she is with the child he remembers. I enjoyed meeting each of the supporting characters as they all played a great role in revealing pieces of the lead couple. This is such a very serious story yet it brings a feeling of hope and joy at a time of year when we all feel that anything can happen. I believe that even without the excess and festivities of the season this was indeed a wonderful gift that I will find myself rereading every year.

Matilda Blakethorn supervises St. Bartholomew’s Almshouse where she and her father reside and while she strictly rules she also never turns anyone away. William Fletcher finds himself with nowhere to go and when he wakes up one morning on the floor of the poorhouse he is surprised to recognize Matty the young girl who humiliated him as a child. Can these two reconcile the adults they have become with their memories in time to celebrate this Christmas?

Book Blurb for Sense of the Season

Matilda Blakethorn is at the top of the list of people William Fletcher never wants to encounter again. She humiliated him at the age of nine, and scared him out of his wits for years after.

So waking up after a night of heavy drinking to find her looming over him is a bit of an unpleasant surprise. Especially since he has no place to go, except for the poorhouse she supervises.

Matty Blakethorn doesn’t recognize the bedraggled stranger sleeping on the floor of St. Bartholomew’s Almshouse. But when he unwillingly ends up staying, old acquaintance is renewed. While neither Matty nor William is anxious to admit the troubles that have driven them to such a humble place, Christmas is a time of sharing and reconciliation. When scandal and faults are revealed, William must face his future and Matty must decide whether she can again deal with the failing that destroyed her life.

A Blush® Regency romance from Ellora’s Cave

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2014 4.00