Secrets of Sandhill Island

Sandhill Island Series Book 1

Peggy Chambers introduces a fascinating location with this first in a series story. Meg is a fascinating woman with a complicated past and an interesting present. I enjoyed discovering the two men who dominated her past. Her father was a dominating presence in flashbacks and reminisces. While I didn’t learn much about her young fisherman lover, Evan, his impact on her was substantial and long lasting. Her son Jon and her garden are the two main impacts of her life currently, until artist Alex appears and her transformation is awesome. I loved meeting all the residents of the island and truly would love to visit it someday. While I completely enjoyed this book I will admit to being disappointed with the suspense aspect. There wasn’t a true mystery and Meg knew who her blackmailer was. It wasn’t a secret even though many secrets were revealed. I think if I hadn’t been expecting a puzzle to solve I would give this story a five star review. If you're looking for a wonderful story with fabulous characters this one is a must read.

The Story: Meg is living a solitary lifestyle, she prefers her garden to interacting with people. That is until she meets a new resident to her island, soon she realizes she has friends and there isn’t a need to keep to herself.

Book Blurb for Secrets of Sandhill Island

On a tiny island in a ramshackle beach house, Meg, an heiress, is hiding from her family's dubious past. Her true love, Evan, died thirty years ago in a storm at sea, or so she thought. Did her father really have her lover killed and if so, does everyone on the island know about it but Meg?

Alex is determined to win Meg over and if that means befriending her son Jon, he's game. Although with his past history with women, he wonders why he even tries. After all, he's just a starving artist with little to offer her.

Now that Alex has warmed her heart again, Meg realizes she has friends who care and a life outside her garden. But in order to enjoy it, she must first figure out who is blackmailing her.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2018 4.00