Second Chances

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Second Chances

Jack and Gillian

Judy Bagshaw gives her readers a fun and sweet tale about revival, restoration and renewal. It is no secret that I love my heroines to be curvy girls and when those lush ladies get the men they deserve, the men of their dreams I love them even more. Gillian Faraday is a spoiled and selfish individual at the beginning of this tale. She is not a bad person but she is far from a good person. Circumstances force her hand and change her life beyond her control and I was fascinated with her actions and reactions. Jack McLaren is the type of hero fairy tales are made of and while he could have come across as cheesy he was so genuine and his character so honorable and sincere. His deep affection for his niece and nephew as well as his understanding of his brother's situation made him a keeper in my eyes. The fact that he was rich through his own hard work and dedication just added to the shine on his armor. The secondary characters in this story were so enjoyable a few of whom I would love to see make appearances in upcoming books. Over all I found this to be a wonderful fresh take on a tried and true premise and I know I will enjoy reading this one over again.

Gillian Faraday has lost everything after the death of her father and she needs a job fast. Jack McLaren has the perfect solution for Gillian's situation and it will help solve his need for a nanny for his adolescent twin niece and nephew. It seems like the perfect solution except Gillian cannot forgive Jack for being the creditor who now owns her father's company. Can they come to an understanding and will they both discover that everyone deserves a second chance?

Book Blurb for Second Chances

Everything was perfect in socialite Gillian Faraday's charmed life until her father, Charles, died and left her destitute.

Businessman Jack McLaren had his world under control until he took on the care of his troublesome preteen niece and nephew. Gillian needs a job. Jack needs help. The solution seems simple.

The problem is, Jack is the major creditor who got the bulk of Charles Faraday's estate and Gillian is not impressed.

It takes overcoming a mountain of misunderstanding before Jack and Gillian come to understand that everyone deserves a second chance. 

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2011 4.25