The Marquess and the Vixen

The Blue Rose Romances: The Culpepper Misses #2

Collette Cameron delivers a delightful adventure with this lovely Regency romance. I just knew Blythe Culpepper was going to be a fabulous heroine when I met her during her cousin's story. Blythe is definitely a breath of fresh air and when she and the other Culpepper beauties enter London society its definitely something you don't want to miss. I loved watching her discover life amongst the Ton and how different it is from the life she was leading not so long ago. Her actions and reactions were a pleasure to witness. I loved when she battled wits with Tristan and how she reacted to her new beau. The Marquis of Leventhorpe is a wonderful hero, he's wounded and prickly and downright perfect. My heart ached for him but I never felt sorry for him. He could have let his past ruin him but he didn't. He might have a stern demeanor but it hides a strong and sensitive personality. I loved this story. You have to pick it up especially if you are already a Regency fan and if you aren't this story will turn you into one. I cannot wait to see what happens with the next Culpepper adventure because this one will be darn near impossible to top.

Blythe Culpepper cannot believe the taciturn Marquis of Leventhorpe is playing escort while she and her relatives make their debut and she'd rather be anywhere but London. Soon she finds herself trying to protect the man who frustrates her so much and she is in a world of trouble. How will she find a way to solve the conundrum she finds herself in?

Book Blurb for The Marquess and the Vixen

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Formerly titled Blythe: Schemes Gone Amiss (Conundrums of the Misses Culpepper, Book 2)

A tormented marquis. A vivacious vixen. A deadly foe.

Dragged to London for a Season, Blythe Culpepper is dismayed to learn her guardian has enlisted the devilishly attractive Lord Leventhorpe—the one man she detests—to assist with her launch into Polite Society. Since their first encounter, hostile looks and cutting retorts abound whenever they meet. Still, she cannot deny the way her body reacts when he’s near. So, perhaps it’s no surprise that upon overhearing another woman scheming to entrap Tristan into marriage, Blythe must warn him.

Tristan, the austere and controlled Marquis of Leventhorpe, usually avoids social gatherings. So why, against his better judgement, does he agree to aid his closest friend in presenting the Culpeppers to Society? Might it be because one particular fascinating Culpepper stirs more than his interest? Blythe taxes him to his limits with her sharp wit and even sharper tongue. Yet, he cannot deny the beauty captivates him like no other.

However, when a past enemy comes calling, using Blythe to settle old scores, Tristan must decide if restoring his family’s tarnished honor—something he’s worked toward for years—is more important than winning the heart of the woman he’s come to love.

Buy the second book in The Blue Rose Regency Romances: The Culpepper Misses historical series for a romping, emotional, and romantic adventure you won't want to put down.

Though this book is part of a series, it can easily be read as a stand-alone.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2016 5.00