Say You'll Love Me

Ally Broadfield presents readers with a beautiful traditional Regency romance. Abigail Hurst is a lovely heroine whom I couldn't help but want to see get her happy ending. She is a good friend and solid daughter and when she becomes embroiled in a scandal she stays strong. Edmund Townsend is a man more comfortable in his study than in the ballroom but when his sister's friend needs him he doesn't hesitate to help and it proves just what a good man he is. His love for his sister's just made him all the more attractive. This couple appealed to me from the very beginning and I couldn't stop reading until the end to see if everything would work out. The mystery in this story was entertaining and intriguing. The setting a practical character all its own, as it was a solid presence but the details were not overpowering. I'm looking forward to reading the adventures of some more of the people I was lucky enough to meet in this story. If you're a fan of the traditional Regency historical I highly recommend this one.

When Lady Abigail Hurst's dreams are about to come true, scandal and murder make her doubt her childhood sweetheart and just how well she knows him. Could the man she is marrying really have killed the maid who was also his mistress? She's determined to discover the truth with the help of her friends and their brother, the Marquess of Longcroft. Will they find a murderer and a lasting love before it's too late?

Book Blurb for Say You'll Love Me

She may be his favorite mystery...

All of Lady Abigail Hurst's dreams seem to be coming true when at long last her childhood sweetheart asks for her hand. But when a maid is found dead, and her betrothed is the chief suspect, Abigail begins to wonder just what manner of man she's marrying...

The Marquess of Longcroft, Edmund Townsend, has always preferred complex mathematical equations to the trappings of society. And love? Love is a non-quantifiable concept. Still, Lady Abigail is his sister's friend, and he finds himself drawn into the mystery of her affianced... even as he begins to anticipate Lady Abigail's company with unfathomable pleasure.

Investigating the murder may reveal more than the sordid truth. It may just reveal the love Abigail always wanted... a little too late.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2015 4.50