Rules of Love & Murder

Love & Murder Book 2

Edie Ramer weaves a beautiful tale of family, love and coming home. August Reyes falls in love with Elle Styles when they are both young children. He is a serious and there is so much more to him than what everyone sees. Elle seems to be his exact opposite as she freely shares her thoughts and feelings with everyone. But they both have secrets and fears and watching them dance around each other was beautiful and heartbreaking. I enjoyed that the love these two shared was so deep that there lives were so intertwined. They both have strong feelings for one another yet they fear losing what they already share if they express those feelings. I loved how character driven this story was. Each and every character introduced had a certain depth to the story. The only issue I had with this story was that it was categorized as a suspense and I didn't feel that was so. Yes there was a murder but I don't believe that it was a secret who the murderer was, although I loved that we got to see the killer's feelings and emotions. If you are looking for a beautiful love story this is a great choice but don't expect a mystery.

When August Reyes and his mother are left stranded in the middle of a cold winter night they are saved by Elle Ramer and August instantly loses his heart to this vibrant young girl who grows up to be an even more vibrant young woman. But after his time in the Marines August feels too scarred for her and he doesn't want the blackness in his soul corrupting her life. But can love conquer all?

Book Blurb for Rules of Love & Murder

Award-winning, USA Today bestselling author Edie Ramer presents a romantic suspense with mystery and heartwarming emotion.

Some days life is wonderful. Other days it’s murder.

Former Marine August Reyes is home for good, haunted by images of bloodshed. He meets up again with Elle Styles, the girl he's never been able to forget. 

When August was eight and Elle was six, she changed his and his mother's lives before she and her widowed mother left the Wisconsin vacation town. Twenty-two years later, she's returned to Trouble Bay with her four-year-old daughter, but they’re only staying for six weeks. Elle and August are different people now. He sees life through darkness, and she sees it through light. And light and dark don’t mix well.

Someone else was changed by Elle when she was young. A woman who lives by her own rules. Rule Nr. Two—Don’t let anyone cheat you—is in play now. And this might lead to Rule Nr. Three: Don’t kill anyone ... unless killing is necessary.

The town of Trouble Bay is about to live up to its name. Life there can be murder... Even when you’re falling in love

Each book in the series will stand-alone.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2016 3.50