Royal Flush

Raven McShane Mysteries Book 3

Stephanie Caffrey throws Raven McShane into a murder involving the British monarchy and a Hollywood heiress in this fun Vegas romp. Raven is adorable in this case, I love how she is trying so hard for her client with this case and it is fun to see her relationships making subtle changes. As the series moves on I enjoy watchin how things a shifting and Raven is making small changes in not only her professional field but her whole life. No matter how serious matters get Raven's antics still manage to make me frequently chuckle out loud. As a big sucker myself for the sound of a sexy British accent I fell under the spell of this book from the beginning and totally enjoyed the ride.

When Raven's client hires her to find out if the young woman's new man is related to the royal family she figures this should be a straight forward case. However Raven soon finds herself in more danger than she could imagine and now it's up to her to solve the murder before she becomes the next victim.

Book Blurb for Royal Flush

From bestselling mystery author Stephanie Caffrey comes a hilarious mystery, Sin City style...

With a sassy mouth and a penchant for drunken shoe shopping, Raven McShane may be Vegas's most unlikely new detective, but she always gets her man. Which is why Hollywood heiress Melanie Weston needs Raven's help. When Melanie got serious with a cute Englishman she thought she hit the jackpot—especially when he claimed he was a distant member of the Royal Family. But now things don't quite add up, and she wants Raven to investigate Prince Charming's story. Along with her sexy, muscular sidekick, Raven suddenly finds herself chasing stories, making enemies, and putting herself in far more danger than she bargained for when her digging uncovers a sinister plot that goes way beyond happily-ever-afters. Raven may have more experience with platform heels than putting away bad guys but she's determined to stay one step ahead of trouble, solve a murder, and look fabulous the entire time!

Night Owl Reviews May, 2016 4.00