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Anneka Ever beautifully delivers both sides of the story with this contemporary romance. Molly Duncan is a hardworking career woman with a plan and watching her adjust her plan when her boss throws her into a situation she is not happy about was entertaining. I was also amused by the fact that she seemed to have a hard time holding her tongue and temper. Finn Moran is charming and dedicated to his cause and yet watching him struggle with his overpowering attraction to the enemy was interesting. I admired his character flaws as much as his good qualities because it made him all the more realistic. His interactions with his friends and foes showed me so much more about him. They quirky cast of supporting characters not only provided information they were interesting. I enjoyed how much I learned about the situation without it feeling as if I were reading a text book or ecological report. This was a genuinely pleasant read and I loved the flow of the story and the fabulous mixture of action, laughter and depth. If you are looking for a compelling contemporary romance this is a great choice.

Molly Duncan is an ambitious public relations professional who is so hardworking she doesn't really have a life beyond her job. She is intelligent and amiable and the ultimate PR professional, that is until she meets Finnley Moran, who is determined to stop her mining company client from destroying the environment in rural Virginia. Both of them are passionate about their jobs and determined to win the battle. The more time they spend together the more they understand one another; can these adversaries find common ground?

Book Blurb for Riverswept

She’s an up-and-coming PR rep for a mining company. He’s the owner of an ecotourism business. She’s determined to make her client look good. He’s determined to shut them down. Sparks will fly! As heated argument turns to hot passion, will she let her desire for him drown her ambition? Author Anneka Ever is pleased to present her new contemporary romance, Riverswept.

Public relations professional Molly Duncan represents a coal-mining company responsible for one of the worst environmental disasters in U.S. history. Eager to get ahead at work, she will do almost anything to make her client look good. What she doesn’t count on is Finnley Moran.

Finn aims to shut down the company. Owner of an ecotourism business in rural Virginia, he makes his living showcasing the beauty of the Burns River and the endangered species that live in it.

Pitted against Finn and his group of protesters, she begins to see the issue from his point of view. She also begins to have feelings for him. Her desire for him threatens to drown her ambition.

When the two adversaries come together, they are swept away in a flood of passion.

Content Notes: Spicy, Contemporary

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2015 4.00