Rendezvous with Death

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Rendezvous with Death

Suzanne Rossi draws readers in from the very beginning in this smart and sexy suspense. Shelley Jackson is an admirable heroine, a reporter full of drive and determination and not apologetic in least for her thirst to survive and thrive in the cut-throat profession. It was highly entertaining watching her deal with her mixed feelings about her friend's death and her unwanted attraction to his brother. I envied her the quick wit she often displayed and the temper she was able to contain when dealing with her obnoxious coworkers. Jason Malloy is one of those larger than life leading men, the ones that appear too good to be true. His intensity borders on arrogance but is still attractive and I enjoyed watching him working alongside Shelley and their intellectual and personal interactions were beyond entertaining. I loved the insight into the worlds of journalism, construction and politics. The mystery was solid and progressive and I enjoyed the fact it wasn't too complicate nor too easy to believe. I have never been let down by this author when I'm looking for a fabulous suspense story and this one is no different, I highly recommend it and cannot wait to read the next offering.

Shelley Jackson is a reporter determined to write big headlines but when she finds her friend dead she might just become one. Soon she finds herself in the middle of an investigation that involves more murders, arson and political corruption. Working with her friend's brother Jason Mallory an architect with the right connections helps Shelley find the answers she's looking for. But can they find all the answers before becoming the next victims?

Book Blurb for Rendezvous with Death

When reporter, Shelley Jackson, discovers the body of her friend and informant in an alley, she teams up with the dead man's brother, architect, Jason Mallory, to solve the crime. But two more murders, a couple of arsons, and whispers of unsafe building practices tell them the deaths are connected to city corruption being investigated by Shelley's newspaper.

Their relationship heats up to nights of hot sex, while their search for the truth has buildings crumbling around them. But the killer is watching from the shadows of respectability and planning for the couple's demise. Can they reveal the killer before they become tomorrow’s headline?

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2015 4.50