Reef Runner

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Reef Runner

A Patty O'Donnell Mystery

Just when you think there is no possible way Patty O'Donnell can land into bigger trouble than her last adventure Pepper Smith proves you wrong. This is another enjoyable cozy mystery right in line with the previous Patty books. Pepper Smith once again takes readers to a beautiful and exotic location. The romance is not a key element in this story as the relationship between Patty and her husband is already firmly cemented so if you are looking for a romantic mystery this might not give you the relationship you want. But the interaction between Patty and the other characters is top notch. The "bad guys" are wonderful characters and each was so fully developed that I couldn't help but feel a connection with them whether they instilled good feelings or bad. The secondary characters added plenty of zest. Once again I felt like I not only enjoyed the book but that I gained knowledge on new subjects. If you have never read a Patty O'Donnell mystery I suggest picking up the first two and reading them before this one, not because you need them to follow along, more for the fact that you will spoil the endings of the others if you read them out of sequence. As always I find myself wondering just what our leading lady will get up to in her next adventure, and I cannot wait to find out.

Patty O'Donnell finds herself forced by an adversary from her past to choose between his nefarious plans or the safety of her loved ones. Not willing to risk the lives of her husband and one year-old daughter she finds herself halfway around the world at the Great Barrier Reef, embroiled in another scam because her captor admires her aptitude and abilities. Now she has come under the notice of an even more dangerous criminal.

Book Blurb for Reef Runner

Patty O'Donnell has everything she could want in life--a loving husband, a job she enjoys, and a year-old daughter she adores. An enemy from the past needs to make a lot of money quickly and believes he can use Patty's skills and talents. Forced to choose between life as his slave and her daughter's safety, Patty sacrifices her own future to save her child.

Every step takes Patty deeper into a world of theft and deception. A scam on the Great Barrier Reef nets two very different results--financial gain, and the unexpected attention of a dangerous crime boss, who offers them both a choice. Serve him, or die. 

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2011 3.75