Redemption by Fire

Redemption by Fire Series

Andrew Grey writes a fabulously gritty yet emotional love story. Dirk Krause might be a giant jerk but I still felt drawn to him and invested in his story after all a man who risks his life to save a child can’t be all bad. Lee Stockton is a total sweetheart, a multi-faceted hero who I couldn’t help feeling connected to. Dirk’s father was almost farcical in his over-the-top attitude but it is sad to say that he is an easily recognizable character and I loved how real Dirk’s reactions and actions were when he was dealing with the older man. I will admit that I was a little reluctant to read this story based on the blurb because it seemed it would be a purely physical relationship but something about the characters called to me and I was very pleasantly surprised at the depth of their connection. I have always had a soft spot for firefighters and this is a story about a group of amazingly strong and genuine heroes.


Dirk Krause is injured while fighting a fire yet his surliness and short temper ensure he has no visitors even his fellow firefighters avoid him. New to the station Lee Stockton ends up drawing the short straw and delivering the obligatory Get Well gift and the spark instantly lights. Lee might be younger but he doesn’t let Dirk boss him around and soon he’s teaching the older man a lesson. Is this just a flash in the pan or is their relationship something destined to burn bright?

Book Blurb for Redemption by Fire

Dirk Krause is an asshole of the first degree. His life is a hell of his own making, and he makes everyone around him just as miserable. When he’s injured on the job while fighting a fire, he’s nearly unbearable to the hospital staff, and of course no one from his unit cares enough to visit.

Lee Stockton is the new guy at the station, so he gets saddled with the job of bringing Dirk a sympathy bouquet from the guys at the firehouse. To Dirk’s surprise, Lee sees through him like a pane of glass and doesn’t take any of his crap. Lee’s determined to get Dirk to stop being a dick just to push everyone away. When their fighting turns to fucking, will the fireworks shine brightly on a possible relationship or leave them with nothing but ashes? Length: Novel

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2013 4.00