Princesses Gone Wild

S.L. Carpenter and Sahara Kelly once again bust out the big laughs with their latest erotic romance. These heroines are not the taffeta enrobed, tiara attired trend-setters we are used to reading about. Aurora, Cinderella and Snow White are just three of the impudent, vivacious picture-perfect beauties who reveal that they can be as bad and bawdy as a biker gang while remaining outwardly respectable and untouchable. Watching them trading stories and snide remarks with their contemporaries was not only cold shower compelling but snort inducing as well. I loved that the princes just couldn’t hold up to their ideals. Usually this would be truly disappointing but the humor and tone used in this story made up for the disturbance to my daydreams. If you are looking for a lot of spice with your fairy tales and you enjoy a good blush with your stories then this is one for you!

Reality television has nothing on these pampered princesses! When Sleeping Beauty gets a publishing contract she convinces her fellow Happily-Ever-After Heroines to share the stories behind the glitter and the glamor. So during one of their regular get-togethers the royals reveal the actual particulars behind their lives and their pleasures in their palaces. They drop the glitz to reveal the down and dirty erotic details. Sounds like a best seller in progress!

Book Blurb for Princesses Gone Wild

They're sassy, sexy and sporting tiaras. They're also raucous, ribald, and outrageous when they get together for goblets of mead and an afternoon's bitching. You know their names—they rose to fame as heroines who sought their Happily-Ever-Afters. And found them.

Of course, Happily Ever After is actually anywhere from eternity to three months and an annulment, if you've got a good lawyer and were smart enough to get a pre-nup. These six Princesses are just regular gals beneath the tulle and diamonds and they love to dish the dirt. When Aurora gets a publishing contract, they all decide to reveal the truth behind those beloved fairy tales; the lace gloves come off and the delicate fantasies are ripped away, revealing the shocking facts, the sexy adventures and the erotic passions beneath the surface.

It's down and dirty in a royal sort of way, complete with Princes who aren't so charming, blacksmiths, porn stars and bean stalks. Not to mention seven vertically challenged dudes, a guy with squeaky slippers and a pair of binoculars...well, you'd better read it and find out. But be warned...these words will never have quite the same meaning...

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2012 4.00