Princess Next Door

Sam Crescent proves why she’s my go-to BBW romance author with this fantastic sweet and sexy romance. Wynter Griffin is a wonderful heroine! She has a kind heart and a strong personality. She isn’t a pushover but neither is she obnoxious. She is a genuinely good person. She’s a curvy heroine worthy of the title. Zane Webster is a laid back fun guy. Seeing how serious he becomes over Wynter was a pleasure to watch. His actions and reactions were entertaining and enlightening. The supporting characters in this story were not only entertaining but they let me see facets of the main couple and revealed personality traits that let me get to know them all the more. I loved revisiting the premise of the houses helping their relationship along. I enjoyed the intensity of the romance and the emotions of this story. It was fun and fierce and I lost myself in the pages. Pick this one up for a fabulous read.

The Story: Wynter Griffin is happy to finally move in to her own place and start living by her own rules but her first meeting with her new neighbour doesn’t go well. Thankfully Zane Webster isn’t one to hold a grudge and soon they are getting along better than Wynter could have ever hoped. But is there a future to their relationship?

Book Blurb for Princess Next Door

Wynter Griffin has finally found her independence after years of being controlled by her parents. The only problem with her newfound peace? Her partying, rock music listening neighbor. She’s at the end of her patience, and demands that he packs up the noise, or she’s calling the police.

Zane Webster likes his neighbor. Her blonde hair, blue eyes, and sweetness remind him of a princess. All she has to do was ask, and he’s more than willing to give her what she wants.

Guilt eats away at Wynter, and it’s not long before she makes friends with the bad boy. After getting drunk one night, she lets it slip that she’s a virgin, and in desperate need of shedding that title. Zane agrees to help, providing they do it at his pace. With Zane, she can finally live her life to the fullest. He even teaches her how to fall in love.

But what will happen when her parents demand she grow up, and do as she’s told? What will Wynter choose? Can two people so different find happiness together?


Be Warned: anal sex, public exhibition

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2018 4.50