Poseidon's Fortune

Allie Standifer saturates the senses with this romantic and adventuresome sea story. I love stubborn heroes and what’s better than when he meets his match with an equally tenacious leading lady? Talos is a demi-god who truly does not want a mate. He believes in his own actions over fate. Baily McCain is a no-nonsense type of woman who doesn’t believe in fairy tales or mythical creatures but when icky scaled creatures try to kill her she must re-evaluate her beliefs. It is so fun watching a strong, independent woman like Baily banter with the sexy alpha males known as Poseidon’s sons. It is even more entertaining to watch her get in over her head when it comes to her relationship with Talos. I relished the dialogue in this story and the interactions between these characters while giggling madly at their over the top antics and inane expletives. What I enjoyed most was the deep emotion seamlessly woven between the brothers and their family. Even in the midst of danger and adventure, male rough-housing and honeymooning saccharinity the bonds and sentiments are so seamlessly observable that it is impossible to miss. I cannot wait to see what journey’s the other brother’s must take in order to find the other half of their souls but I know the undertakings will be fantastic.

Book Blurb for Poseidon's Fortune

When Bailey McCain is attacked by scaled men in an alley, she is rescued by a group of drop-dead gorgeous strangers who claim to be something other than human and say they want to protect her. Before long, Bailey's world is turned upside down: mythical creatures are real, ancient demons are bent on killing her, and she's the mate of demi-god Talos.

Talos, son of Poseidon, doesn't want a mate, even one who's the other half of his soul. He's determined to resist Bailey even though their bond will finally complete him. But demon plots, family secrets, and his meddling brothers combine to keep Bailey by his side.

But Bailey is keeping a secret from Talos--her late uncle left her a journal that puts their lives in danger. Can Bailey and Talos learn to trust each other, before it's too late to save the Poseidon brothers and their mates?

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2012 3.50