Politics Can Be Murder

A Hilary Adams Mystery, #3

Linda Y. Atkins continues the thrill with the third in her suspense series. This story starts off a bit differently than the previous two but is non-the-less enjoyable. Hilary Adams is back and she's got a new job but she is just as hard-working and just as determined to get to the truth. Watching her come head to head with an adversary is always a pleasure to witness and this time around was even more captivating. I'm glad to see that the two most important men in her life are back and helping her battle the political arena this time around. Once again the details in to the working system are abundant without being overbearing. The supporting characters add just the right dimension to the mystery and left me wondering just where everyone fit in to this suspenseful puzzle. This was a mature and entertaining story that kept me involved until the very end. I certainly hope this isn't the last offering I read by this author. If you are a fan of a solid suspense story this is certainly a wise choice.

Hilary Adams is back, and still determined to discover the truth when it comes to crime and with her new job she's going to need all the skill and knowledge she has. When the world of politics collide with the court system Hilary has a tricky path to navigate especially when Chief Justice Langford's law clerk is killed and he wants to be apprised of all the details. Then he too ends up dead and Hilary plunges in to a world of deadly blackmail and deceit.

Book Blurb for Politics Can Be Murder

When the law clerk for the chief justice of Kentucky’s Supreme Court dies in a mysterious hit-and-run, tongues begin to wag. After all, everyone knew about the justice’s penchant for young women, and this one was as beautiful as she was smart. Concerned that her death could be linked directly to him, Chief Justice Langford appeals to Hilary Adams, now Louisville’s Commonwealth’s Attorney, to keep him informed about any new developments that may crop up in the ensuing investigation. But when Hilary refuses, Langford angrily elects to pursue another route—one that effectively circumvents Hilary’s office, but one that ultimately leads to the chief justice himself falling victim to murder.

Though the details of Langford’s demise are shocking, his murder neither surprises nor displeases anyone, least of all his widow, who has more than a few wicked secrets of her own. But instead of ensuring long life, those sins, which she so carefully tried to conceal, ultimately prove to be the death of her too.

Faced with mounting pressure to solve the murders of both the chief justice and his wife—and to determine whether their murders had anything to do with the untimely death of the justice’s law clerk—Hilary, Homicide Lieutenant Peter Elliott, and investigator Sam Monroe unwittingly find themselves plunged into a complicated and twisted plot that, when unraveled, exposes an insatiable lust for uncompromising greed, a double whammy of double-crossing deceit, and a diabolical scheme of deadly blackmail, all carefully intertwined to advance a political agenda that has become cruelly out of control.

Suspense * Mystery * Hardboiled

Night Owl Reviews May, 2015 4.00