Playing Dirty

Rugby, #6

Amy Andrews kicks off the excitement right from the beginning with this fun and flirty sports romance. Valarie King and Kyle Leighton have combustible chemistry and I couldn’t wait to see what would happen from the moment they first met. I admit I was a little upset with Val for not telling Kyle the complete truth from the beginning. I felt bad for Val that the tragedy from her past caused so much grief and discord in her relationship with her father, but I felt even more sorry for Kyle who had no idea what he’d gotten himself into. Kyle could have come across as such an obnoxious, superstar and yet while he had his selfish moments on the pitch it was understandable why he acted this way. I loved the differences between these two, not just their personalities but their family lives and their situations. I loved all the supporting characters from the team and their families to Kyle’s relatives. Each one added a depth to the story that made it that more alluring. If your looking for a fun read that’s filled with plenty of heat and even more heart, this one is the one for you.

The Story: Valerie King is alone on her birthday and feeling a little vulnerable so when her father’s new star rugby player picks her up in the bar she goes for it. Kyle Leighton has always dreamed of playing for his renowned coach how was he to know he broke the number one rule. Even after he discovers Val is off limits he can’t stay away after all he’s always been a bit reckless on the pitch perhaps he can convince Val to take a chance.

Book Blurb for Playing Dirty

Alone on her birthday? Check. Filled to the brim with martinis? Check. Catching the eye of a handsome stranger––oh, Valerie King is definitely checking him out. He seems a much better end to this spectacularly awful day than she was expecting. There’s just one problem: he plays for her father’s rugby team, and there are rules about that sort of thing. But Val doesn’t care. One night with Mr. Sex, well, she deserves a little fun.

Kyle Leighton can’t get enough of the sexy Val. But when he learns her secret, one that puts his career on the line, it’s hands off. If that wasn’t enough to deter him, the whole team is cock blocking in a big way. But Kyle can’t stop thinking about the sexy baker who rocked his world. He just needs to convince her that breaking the rules can be fun.

But being with her may be the end of his rugby career.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2018 4.00