Pirate Lady Holiday

Kate Richards brings to life for her readers two lonely hearts at Christmas time in this sweet and steamy contemporary romance. Clara was such a wonderfully layered character and something about her was so darn likable that I would definitely love to be her friend. With her intense and overwhelming grief I was so pleased when she was giving into the spirit of the season and actually experiencing happiness. Hot Jack Slick is super-hot and yet endearingly vulnerable. The attraction between these two was instantaneous and inevitable yet also so enticingly build up that I felt almost as satisfied as the main players. While the relationship develops very quickly their actions and reactions are realistic and captivating. The supporting characters are entertaining. I enjoyed Santa and his infectious cheer so much so that I found myself looking up his beverage of choice online and was very disappointed not to find it. The descriptions of the setting and surroundings were detailed, making me believe I was right there under the balmy moonlight. The premise of this story was delightful and the pace fantastic. This author has definitely earned a place on my must-read list.

Alone aboard the Pirate Lady, to add some holiday spirit Clara decides to make a gingerbread house. Returning from her shopping trip for supplies she finds a handsome new arrival. When she doesn't recognize him as Hot Jack Slick and makes her dislike for musicians known Jack doesn't correct her, but will the truth douse their burning attraction? It might just take a Christmas miracle for Jack to get the beautiful deck hand in his bed by Christmas morning.

Book Blurb for Pirate Lady Holiday

Aboard the Pirate Lady, Christmas is not looking too merry. Clara tries to lift her spirits with a little holiday baking, but until tattooed rocker Hot Jack Slick, traveling incognito, arrives on the scene, it looks like Clara's not going to find any spirit in her holidays.

Jack is about to find out that this is one lady pirate who isn't impressed by fame and fortune and never dates guys in bands. It's going to take Santa Claus and all his helpers to help Jack break the ice that surrounds this very lovely lady's heart. And even then, it will be a stretch to make it to her bedroom before Christmas morning dawns.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2011 4.00