Picture Imperfect

A Sassy Suspense

Cindy Procter-King presents readers with a suspenseful snapshot of a romantic comedy. Ursula Scott is a strong-minded heroine. She has ambition and a set of goals she is determined to attain. I loved watching her handle the spanner tossed into her plans. Seeing her dealing with her absolutely revolting boss demonstrates just how committed is. When Gabe McKenzie steps into the photography studio it is definitely not part of her plans but watching her adapt is so entertaining. Gabe totally scored points with me straight away. First for the fact that he saw his sleazy uncle for what he is and secondly for feeling guilty for not telling the entire truth to Ursula. He could have come across as too goody-goody after all he is an ex-cop. He’s injured and obviously cares for his mother, but he is real. He has faults and because he does he is more attractive. I loved how Ursula falls into the investigation and how Gabe handles the entire situation. Each of the supporting characters are interesting and I was left wondering at just who the culprit was. If you like your suspense stories a little on the gritty side but loaded with humor this is a must read.

The Story: Photographer Ursula Scott has plans to take over her boss's established studio. She just has to deal with his disgusting ways for a little while longer and then her dreams will come true. But it seems someone has it out for the jerk and it is jeopardizing her reputation and that of the studio. At his mother's request ex-cop and future PI Gabe McKenzie goes undercover in his uncle's shop to catch the culprit. Can he win the girl and make her dreams come true?

Book Blurb for Picture Imperfect

Photographer Ursula Scott discovers her sexy apprentice is an ex-cop investigating threats at his uncle's studio--but is she a target or a suspect?

Just when she thought she had her life on autofocus...

Photographer Ursula Scott is six short months from buying her boss’s studio and helping her family knock down a massive debt. She can put up with his hairball antics for that long, right?


But, oh, he makes life difficult. She can barely restrain herself when he hogs credit for her assignments, and now half-naked weirdos are responding to his ad for her first magazine photo spread. On top of that, someone is sabotaging the studio. Worse, she discovers her sexy apprentice is a former cop practicing his newbie PI skills on the case—and she’s a suspect!

Suddenly, Ursula’s dreams and hard work seem about to go up in smoke. In more ways than one.

Well, not on her watch.

When Gabe McKenzie moves home following the shooting that kyboshed his career, he doesn’t expect to get sucked into finding the culprit wreaking havoc at his uncle’s photography studio. He certainly doesn’t expect to fall for Ursula Scott, a long-legged brunette with a definite motive and a desire to play Nancy Drew. Even as he clears her, the sabotage escalates into a bizarre stalking, placing Ursula...and Gabe’s hopes for their future...in danger.

If only he can convince her to stop snooping around and let him do his job as a PI, before an unknown menace threatens not only her dreams—but her life.

Length: 130,000 words

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2016 4.00