Payton's Pursuit

The Winters Sisters, #2

Joanne Jaytanie follows up Chasing Victory with this page-turning paranormal romance. I admit I was looking forward to reading this story as soon as I completed the first in the series and I was not disappointed. Payton Winters is an interesting heroine, a type A business woman who loves her family and her dogs. I couldn’t wait to see how Collin would be transformed into a leading man as he truly was a tortured hero. These two were simply made for each other when they finally realized it I couldn’t have been happier. They have so much in common and yet they are both so different at first glance. Both are dedicated to two aspects of their life, their family and their work. Both are dealing with deadly secrets and even deadlier circumstances and even though they want to avoid one another they must learn to work together. Once again the author weaves an adventurous story of apprehension and expectation with winning characters and surreal situations. If you like your paranormal love stories full of suspense and heat then this is a great choice.

Payton Winters is happy to have her sister safe and sound after a horrible ordeal. But she never expected one of the men who she feels responsible for the situation would also arrive on the campus and now she’s the grounding solace soldier Collin McBain needs in order to keep his inner wolf calm. They must learn to work together if they hope to survive kidnapping and murder and perhaps they might save each others’ hearts and well as their lives.

Book Blurb for Payton's Pursuit

Will Payton’s pursuit of truth be her last?

Payton Winters is thrust into the position of CEO of The Winters Corporation after the sudden death of her parents. But the challenge of her new role is nothing compared to coping with her evolving enhanced abilities. Payton can ground those who possess psychic powers—some of whom have taken refuge at the Winters Corporation. Now she has unwillingly become a mental anchor for a man she wants no part of, Collin McBain. While on a routine mission, Collin is drugged, tortured, and injected with wolf DNA. Believed dead, he is secretly assigned to the Winters Campus; his only road back to life is through Payton.

Faced with her new roles, Payton realizes her life is based on half-truths. Now she’s compelled to pursue her mother’s research to understand why she and her two sisters were genetically altered before birth. Payton’s pursuit embroils her in a world of secrets, lies, kidnapping, and murder, but her future depends on deciphering the lies of the past.

Stands Alone: NO / Read "Chasing Victory" first. Re-issued title from 2014.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2015 4.00