Out of Practice Aphrodite

The Naughty Goddess Chronicles, #1

S.E. Babin entertains with this fun and flirty read. I will admit that I love mythology and when the gods and goddesses mix with humans I enjoy the outcome. Aphrodite is my favorite deity because of her attitude and in this reincarnation she doesn’t disappoint. She’s feisty and a little flaky but always determined. I loved how the author incorporated history and legend yet still made the story completely hers. The plot was good and the pace perfect, plus I couldn’t have asked for a more entertaining cast of characters. I loved Zeus in this story and Hera for that matter too. Usually the both of them are portrayed as purely vindictive with nary a redeeming quality and I loved the multi-facet characters that they were in this tale. If you are look for a light paranormal read that will leave you smiling this is a great choice. I’m looking forward to reading about more adventures from this merry band of mythological beings.

Sexy, sassy and spirited Aphrodite finds herself in hot water yet again, but this time Zeus threatens to send her to Hades with her ex husband if she doesn’t do a favor for him. But there has to be some trick because he requests she make two people fall in love. It can’t be that easy. And it isn’t because suddenly her powers aren’t working properly, uniting the lovebirds turns out to be more complicated than she anticipated and the fate of the world is in her hands.

Book Blurb for Out of Practice Aphrodite

Abby’s major screw-up brings the wrath of Zeus upon her head. He offers her a choice – work for him or spend the rest of her days hanging out in Hades with her ex-husband. For Abby, this choice is a no-brainer, especially when Zeus says the only thing he wants her to do is make a love match.

She’s the Goddess of Love. What could go wrong?


Abby stumbles into an ex-lover, a dead demi-god and the realization that a crucial relic has been stolen right out from underneath Zeus’ nose. Eris, the Goddess of Chaos and Discord, is behind the theft and murder and the faltering powers Abby is trying to keep secret. With Zeus breathing down her neck, she’ll need to keep her wits about her as she races against the clock and Zeus’ imposed two-week time period.

Of course, this is easier said than done. Not only is she struggling with a budding attraction to a sexy lawman and feelings for long-time friend, Hermes, she’s also trying to keep everyone out of the path of a vengeful goddess while saving the Earth and Olympus from the reign of a tyrant. What’s a goddess to do when the fate of the world rests upon her fashionable shoulders?

Night Owl Reviews May, 2014 4.00