Ostrich And The ‘Roo

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Ostrich And The ‘Roo

Furry United Coalition, #6

Eve Langlais knows how to turn up the heat while maintaining the hilarity as she returns readers to the fantastic World of the FUC / Furry United Coalition.

Mari is such a wonderful mixture of light and dark and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing her turn into the creature from the mad scientist’s lab. I felt bad for her situation but I did not feel sorry for her. She didn’t need my pity as she was quite capable of handling things on her own.

I found Jax to be such an affable guy even with his overbearing and manly view of her problems it was so very easy to like him. He was such a likable guy with a kind heart and good intentions and his interactions with Mari are so entertaining. I adored his family, they are each and every one of them fascinating and endearing. I want to read each and every one of their stories!

If you are a fan of the FUC you’ll love this Aussie twist to the series. If you are not already a fan reading this story will definitely hook you. If you want to spend a pleasant evening with some fantastic characters this is an excellent choice. I know I’m going to read it again and again and enjoy it each and every time.

The Story:

Mari has been rescued from a mad scientist’s lab and life should now be slowly returning to normal. However she is experiencing blackouts and she cannot revert from her ostrich back to her human form. Kangaroo shifter Jax has captured and caged the suburban menace but things are definitely not what they seem. Can they straighten things out while remaining out of the hands of a mad man?

Book Blurb for Ostrich And The ‘Roo

FUC is going down under, so prepare for a wild ride with a ‘roo and the chick he rescues.

Something strange is happening to Mari. She’s not the same since her rescue from a mad scientist’s lab. Still, her blackouts aren’t reason enough to put her in a cage.

Yet, what else is Jax to do when confronted with a giant ostrich terrorizing suburbia?

Wait. Wait. Think of it.

Snicker. Yeah, he had a laugh, too, when he heard the news, especially since he found Mari fast asleep, head buried in a bush. Such a menace to society.


Mari knows he’s wrong. This laid-back kangaroo can’t see the darkness inside her. However, someone else can and wants that darkness for themselves, and they will do anything to get their paws on it.


Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2016 5.00