Only Chance

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Only Chance

Chisholm Falls Book 2

Trish Arcangelo revisits first love with this contemporary romance story. Fallon Gentry is a sweet and smart heroine. I loved that she wasn’t perfect yet she was full of heart and grit. Coming back to her hometown and picking herself up was empowering. I loved how Lucas was still interested in Fallon but how hard he tried to hide it from her and also from his friends. I enjoyed watching these two dance around one another trying to avoid their past but more importantly trying to figure out what to do about their present combustibility. Delving into who these two were when they were first a couple went a long way to explaining who they are now and the baggage they both carried with them. I appreciated seeing their interactions with their parents and the fallout from some of their past and present situations. Overall, I enjoyed this book. The characters were extremely well developed and the scenario as well. If you're looking for a wonderful little break from reality, this story is the perfect escape.

The Story: Fallon Gentry and Lucas Chance may have changed since the time they’d been a couple. Years apart have made them older but sometimes unresolved feelings need to be settled before people can move on. Now Fallon is back in town and things are getting complicated. Can Fallon and Lucas get beyond their past so they can have a future?

Book Blurb for Only Chance

Fallon Gentry is back in her hometown after leaving an affluent life in Dallas, and her cheating ex-husband, behind. She's ready to start over, even if that means dealing with the pain of her first love's betrayal left buried in the past.

Lucas Chance is a working class guy leading a simple life. He plays the part of the town ladies' man but deep down he's still reeling from old wounds, namely a heart shattered when the only woman he ever loved walked away.

They're both shocked when Fallon unknowingly shows up on Lucas's duplex door step, looking to rent the unit next door. Lucas is too intrigued to tell her no and Fallon is too desperate for a place to live. There's also the blazing attraction still between them. Now as landlord and tenant, Fallon and Lucas battle their feelings.

Will they discover the truth behind what drove them apart and take their only chance at true love?

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2018 4.50