Once in a Blue Moon

Tabitha Bradley introduces a fabulous leading couple with this swift and sexy short adventure.

Between the pages of "Once in a Blue Moon" we have Jack Drake. He is a larger than life ALPHA male and the town bad boy. He has a horrible reputation and is basically a walking aphrodisiac for Regina Steele. Regina loves her shop and she's determined not to let Drake foreclose on her. But she also refuses to give in to his ridiculous demands.

Jack's mother was Tabitha's closest friend and seeing her struggle with some of his revelations kept me on the edge of my seat waiting to see what was coming next. And if the death of her best friend and the business with Drake wasn't enough having to deal with her interfering ex seems to be enough to tip her over the edge.

I found myself sighing and laughing out loud at this story. I wanted to read more about some of the supporting characters. "Once in a Blue Moon" is a fun read and a good way to while away a lazy afternoon. If you like your heroes on the complex side and your heroines with a little spark and a touch of paranormal, "Once in a Blue Moon" is a book for you.

The Story: Regina Steele loves the bookstore she has inherited from her friend and mentor. But when her mentor's son shows up telling her that she in fact doesn't own the shop she doesn't believe him. Jack Drake has no idea what his mother was up to. He does know her will stipulates he will lose everything including Regina's beloved bookstore if Tabitha won't marry him by the end of the month. How can he convince Tabitha that marriage is best for them both? Pick up "Once in a Blue Moon" and find out.

Book Blurb for Once in a Blue Moon

Sexy Phoenix lawyer Jack Drake has been comfortable with being everyone's worst nightmare in the courtroom. After all, that's why he's nicknamed "The Dragon".

When he has to return to his hometown to settle his mother's estate, he finds himself in the irritating position of foreclosing on Regina Steele's popular and beloved bookstore, Once In A Blue Moon. What's worse, his mother has stipulated in her will that he must marry Regina before midnight on the 31st of the month, or they'll both lose everything. It certainly doesn't help that this pretty, Rubanesque heroine is just Drake's type, or that he's been distracted by her since high school.

Regina certainly isn't interested in the villainous Dragon, too tall, dark and handsome for his own good. She certainly didn't need him sweeping into her shop like the evil villain out of an old-west melodrama, demanding she pay her mortgage or else. There's nothing about her dear mentor's son that Regina would find remotely attractive. Yet, why does she think she's getting messages from beyond the grave, nudges from the Universe that keep pushing her into Jack's arms?

And why does she dream about being the heroine who falls for the villain?

Note: This book was previously released by another publisher.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2017 3.50