No Neighborhood for Old Women

Kelly O'Connell Mystery, #2

Judy Alter brings back her determined amateur detective Kelly O'Connell in this suspenseful story. Kelly is a strong heroine with very realistic personality traits, she's far from perfect but she is definitely authentic. The supporting characters in this story are definite winners, they not only advance the plot and mystery but they draw the reader in making them feel invested in the outcome of the story itself. I enjoyed seeing how Kelly's two daughters have such a great relationship and their interactions with the animals in the story were adorable. Mike Shandy is practically perfect but not too much so to make him unbelievable. I enjoyed the mystery as it wasn't too easy or too hard to follow and solve. I enjoyed the little details about house styles it wasn't too jargon-filled yet it came across as extremely knowledgeable to me. If you are looking for a solid mystery read then this is a good pick. I'm looking forward to seeing what else Kelly gets up to.

It hasn't been too long since her last run in with a killer but that doesn't stop real estate agent Kelly O'Connell from getting involved in some mysterious happenings in her former neighborhood. When a cantankerous elderly neighbor falls down her stairs Kelly isn't convinced it's an accident. She's also preoccupied with her new guest house tenant and her mother's impending relocation. Officer Mike Shandy is not happy that Kelly is once again pursuing a murderer, can she juggle her career, her family and her safety?

Book Blurb for No Neighborhood for Old Women

Claire Guthrie shoots and wounds her husband the same night that Florence Dodson, Kelly O’Connell’s former neighbor, supposedly falls down her back steps, hits her head, and dies, Kelly knows it’s murder, but she has a hard time convincing Mike Shandy. She also has a hard time explaining why she gave Claire refuge in her guest apartment. Mike is adamant that she stay out of police matters. But then, with another murder, it’s clear someone is targeting elderly women in Fairmount, and panic invades the neighborhood.

Jim Guthrie dies in an automobile accident—or was it an accident? Kelly’s real estate business plunges. Who buys a house in a neighborhood with a serial killer? And in the midst of it all, Kelly’s mom decides to move to Fort Worth from Chicago.

Will Kelly solve her differences with Mike? Will Claire be convicted of murder? Will Kelly’s mom be safe and yet not dependent on her? And most important, will Kelly be able to identify the serial killer and restore peace to her Fairmount neighborhood.

No Neighborhood for Old Women holds some real surprises.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2014 4.00