New Pack Order

The Pack Series, #4

Eve Langlais creates a fabulous world in this adventuresome paranormal romance. While Antonia is not the most sarcastic heroine this author has ever written she sure is a tough cookie and is one remarkable leading lady. Roderick is such an emotional character I couldn’t help but fall in love with him as he struggled with his past actions. Alone he would have been undeniable but when you add him in combination with Thaddeus they are a duo no woman can resist. Thaddeus is one complex night dweller and I loved every emotion that was revealed. The vampire, wolf shifter trio might have been done before but it’s never been this good; something about this combination just resonated with me. This was a gritty story with a fantastic plot and amazingly memorable characters. I cannot wait to revisit the new pack and see just what comes in the future. I’d love to see Thaddeus’s ally make reappearance perhaps she needs a mate or two?

Thaddeus is a vampire determined to keep his existence a secret from the human race but when one of his own is determined to start a war and expose paranormal reality. He will do everything in his power to stop it from happening even if it includes aligning himself with two rogue Lycans. Marc has rescued Antonia to atone for his past sins and while he cannot give her back her humanity he is determined to keep her safe. Can this unusual trio learn to fight, live and love together?

Book Blurb for New Pack Order

Marc can’t escape the memories of what he did while under Roderick’s mental control, but he can attempt to atone. He begins his quest by saving a female Lycan who needs guidance—and a mate. The problem is convincing her to accept his help, and his love.

Thaddeus has lived too long to waste his time playing the games the other vampires indulge in. However, when it comes to keeping his kind safe from the notice of humans, he’ll do what it takes to stop a madman intent on starting a war. He embarks on a one man quest to avert disaster, but along the way discovers even a killer can become a hero—and a lover.

Antonia might regret losing her humanity, but with a werewolf and a vampire at her side, she discovers an inner strength and passion to not only live, and fight, but to love, not just one, but two very special men.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2014 4.50