My Wild Irish Dragon

Boston Dragons, #2

Ashlyn Chase brings back some of the most interesting paranormals with this fantastic romance. Chloe Arish is tough even for an Irish dragon shifter. I loved her determination and I loved her longing for true love even though she tries to keep a wrap on it. Watching her interact with Ryan Fierro who starts out as foe but soon becomes more than friend kept me flipping pages, after all sleep is so not more important than finding out what happens between our two hotter than heck firefighters. As always with this author, the cast of characters keeps me laughing out loud while losing my heart to them all. Her ability to weave a story that singes your eyebrows but soothes your heart is magical. I mean really how can you not fall in love with this book, sexy firefighters, both male and female, magical creatures that use their powers for good, a snarky Mother Nature, interfering family members and some charming Irish accents? Seriously, if you haven’t read this one yet, I highly suggest you get it as soon as possible.

Dragon shifter Chloe Arish has buster her, ah butt off and has landed an interview to become a Boston firefighter. Ryan Fierro has an interview for the same position and he can’t lose out, especially to a woman as he comes from a long line of firemen plus he’s a phoenix shifter so how can he not get the job?

Book Blurb for My Wild Irish Dragon

"Pure pleasure. It's like spending time with your favorite friends."-Night Owl Reviews, TOP PICK, for How to Date a Dragon




Dragon shifter Chloe Arish is hell-bent on becoming a Boston firefighter. She uses her Irish charm and fake documents to score an interview, knowing she has to work every bit as hard as a man-harder if she wants their respect.

Born into a legendary Boston firefighting family, phoenix shifter Ryan Fierro can't possibly let someone best him on the training course or the job. He'd never hear the end of it. When a feisty new recruit comes along who's determined to do just that, Ryan plots to kick her out-until their sizzling chemistry turns explosive...

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2016 5.00