My One True Highlander

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My One True Highlander

A No Ordinary Hero Novel, #2

Suzanne Enoch delivers an indisputable highland hit with this historical. Lady Marjorie Lattimer is an interesting heroine. She's a woman who is sad about how the Ton reacts to her and yet she is at most times willing to act against what is expected of a duke's sister. Graeme is a dream come true, at least for me, although I'm not so sure Ree had the same reaction on their first meeting. He's strong and tough but with such a kind heart. Seeing how he works so hard on his lands and how protective he is of his brothers and his people just proved what a truly noble man he is. His brother's actions put him in a difficult situation and I enjoyed how he simply reacted even though he was torn. I loved witnessing their attraction and how they danced around it. Graeme's brothers were fantastic and the wee one was an absolute sweetheart. I truly don't want to give away anything about this story because I want readers to discover and enjoy it as much as I did. If you love your heroes to be sexy highlanders and your heroines to be anything but meek you definitely have to read this one. You will not be disappointed. I cannot wait to read this author's next book because if it is only half as good it will still be brilliant.

Lady Marjorie Lattimer decides to surprise her brother at his Scottish estate but she's the one who is surprised to find herself held captive but a handsome Highlander. Graeme is stuck in the middle. If he lets his prisoner go his young brothers will suffer but he cannot hand the beautiful British miss over to his ruthless chieftain either. Can they avoid a war and injury to their hearts while they are at it?

Book Blurb for My One True Highlander


Scotland, 1812—Rugged Highlander Graeme’s loyalty to his clan means that their enemies are his own—even when that includes his neighbor, the Duke of Lattimer. It’s a fight he doesn’t relish, but when Graeme’s reckless younger brothers foolishly kidnap Lattimer’s younger sister, all bets are off…

Lady Marjorie Forrester may be aligned with the enemy, but capturing her puts Graeme squarely in the middle of a war. If he turns Marjorie over to his clan chief, she could be killed. If he lets her go, his brothers could face prison. In addition, the woman can’t stop trying to civilize the lot of them! What’s a Highlander to do, then, but keep the stubborn lass close…and explore the unexpected passion that develops between them? But how can Graeme protect Marjorie and his brothers when both Lattimer and his own clan are on the warpath—and will do whatever it takes to tear these two star-crossed lovers apart, in My One True Highlander, the next No Ordinary Hero Scottish romance from New York Times bestselling author Suzanne Enoch.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2017 5.00