Murder's Last Resort

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Murder's Last Resort

A Maya French Mystery, #1

Marta Chausee takes readers back to a time when self-indulgence was all the rage and pampering oneself at a lavish resort was de rigueur but in this tale it’s more about rigor mortis! Maya French is one fun heroine, she almost borders on frivolous or flaky but she is definitely determined. Her two cohorts are steadfast and sharply amusing. French is a scene stealer and impresses with his minimal words and actions. I enjoyed his rather stoic personality but knew there had to be more to him if he was married to a character like Maya. The bumbling police are well, perfectly bumbling and of course with just the right amount of chauvinistic southern semi-charm. The suspects are plentiful and with ample motives there is never really a dull moment. The setting was enjoyable, although having never been to Disneyworld I would have loved for a scene to take place there, just to get a glimpse what with all the references. This is an amusing mystery full of bright Florida sunshine and lavish luxury lifestyle. If you are looking for a cozy mystery perfect for reading while lounging in the sun or curled up by the fire and dreaming of the sun, then this is a great choice.


After a murder at the Sapphire Silver Pines Resort in Orlando, hotel manager Hubert French is arrested and it is up to his wife Maya to discover who the real murderer is and just why it happened. Another death occurs and that is still not enough to stop her investigation. She finds herself immersed in threats, a kidnapping and a bullet wound but she and her two best friends won’t give up until the killer is behind bars and Maya’s husband is back where he belongs.

Book Blurb for Murder's Last Resort

It is bad enough that a couple of deaths happen within days of each other at the Sapphire Silver Pines Resort in Orlando, FL. But it wasn’t until the hotel manager, Hubert French, is arrested on suspicion of murder that his wife Maya begins her investigations. Threats, kidnapping, and a bullet wound aren’t enough to discourage her. She won’t just stand by her man, she will save him. In Murder’s Last Resort, Marta Chausée has crafted a clever puzzle full of colorful central Florida atmosphere and characters. Her mystery will keep you guessing until the end, and leave you satisfied with the outcome. --Ilene Schneider, author of the Rabbi Aviva Cohen Mysteries Chanukah Guilt and Unleavened Dead. “…smart, funny, tough and sparkles with insight. She has created one of the best heroines of mystery to come along in decades. The unstoppable, unsinkable, unpredictable Maya French is the bastard literary child of Agatha Christie and Lt. Colombo.” –Kinky Friedman Welcome to the Sapphire Silver Pines Orlando Resort where guests are checking out--permanently. The tidy world of sophisticated dinners and turn-down treats turns topsy-turvy for Maya French, the manager's wife, when other Sapphire executives turn up as dead as a polished doorknob. Maya dodges bullets--literally--and police suspicion as she hunts for the killer. The fun beaches of Florida turn deadly with this atmospheric cozy. —Sally Carpenter, author of The Baffled Beatlemaniac Caper

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2013 3.50