Murder... They Wrote

This is the first of a series

Lorna and Larry K. Collins have given cozy mystery fans a definite keeper with this whodunit. Agapé Jones is a fantastic detective; he makes witty observations and solid conclusions without being crude, violent or sexual. He is just so genuinely likable, his insights were perceptive and observant without being a know-it-all. I'm not sure how I felt about his "conversations" with his mother although I appreciated the sentiment behind it. I would have liked to get a little more insight into his wife's thoughts as we only say her through his eyes and she came off a little like his diet enforcer. When I noted the book was written by a husband and wife team I was hoping for the investigators would be a team as well. The quirky cast of secondary characters was so entertaining. I loved all of Kimo's relatives; they added such a wonderful background for the mystery itself as did the beautiful location. The pace and plot of this book were perfect and kept me turning the pages right up until the surprise ending. I cannot wait to read the upcoming second book in the series.

Retired NYPD detective Agapé Jones is asked to help investigate a death at the National Authors Conference in Hawaii. Acidic critic and former poet Robert Dyer is found dead at the bottom of a flight of stairs and the suspect list is almost as long as the conference presenter list. Agapé finds himself using his old skills to interrogate the victim's ex-girlfriend and much younger current lady, who each accuse the other. He also questions his agent and Robert's newly found daughter as well as his ex-wife, a renowned psychic, a mysterious foreign aristocrat, a spy novelist and a few others.

Book Blurb for Murder... They Wrote

What if a retired NYPD officer is asked to investigate a mysterious death at the National Authors Conference where various attendees offer their theories and suspicions?

Murder …They Wrote answers this question as Agapé Jones, retired NYPD detective, tries to determine the truth surrounding the death of Robert Dyer, noted poet and critic. Confusing and confounding him are Robert’s ex-girlfriend, current young girlfriend, ex-wife, agent, recently discovered illegitimate daughter, long-time friend, an action/adventure author, a famous psychic, and the mysterious countess.

While Agapé enjoys getting a chance to exercise his old skills, his wife isn’t pleased. Peopled by a cast of quirky and deliciously amusing characters, Murder …They Wrote will engage and delight, all the way to the final plot twist.

Murder... They Wrote is the first of a series featuring Agapé Jones. the second, Murder in Paradise, will be published soon by Whiskey Creek Press.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2010 4.00