Murder À La Flambé

Southern Pasta Shop Mysteries, #2

Jennifer L. Hart serves up another delicious helping of the delightful Southern Pasta Shop Mysteries with this cozy. Andy Buckland is back and just as feisty and determined as ever but she is far from happy seeing as her culinary school nemesis has shown up in her small town and opened a restaurant right across the street from Andy's place. I found Andy's interactions with her French foe even more entertaining than the snipping between Andy and her hottie's sister. I find it refreshing to be surrounded by all this sarcasm after all even Andy's best-friend has a sharp tongue on more than one occasion. My favorite thing about this particular story and the ones that came before it in the series, is the closeness of the relationships. Even when some of the characters could be on the quirky, over-the-top side the way they deal with one another is just so realistic, so authentic. Once again I found the mystery to have some wonderful ups and downs and some unsuspected happenings, I loved how the pieces all fit in to place but not necessarily where i thought they would. I cannot wait to see what Andy and her fascinating friends and family find themselves involved in next.

Andy Buckland is used to dealing with the heat when it comes to the kitchen but when an arsonists targets her hometown she isn't sure she can handle it. She gets even hotter under the collar when a rival chef shows up and opens up her own restaurant across from Andy's. Can Andy solve the crime, save her shop and still steal some time with her man?

Book Blurb for Murder À La Flambé

From international bestselling mystery author Jennifer L. Hart comes a sizzling new installment in the Southern Pasta Shop Mysteries...

If you can’t take the heat, stay out of the kitchen…

Andy Buckland isn't thrilled when sexpot celebrity chef Lacy L'Amour decides to open a competing ethnic restaurant in small-town Beaverton...right across the street from Andy's pasta shop, the Bowtie Angel. And matters heat up when L'Amour sets her sights on both Andy's customers and her man, Malcolm Jones, who has been acting strange lately. But all of that pales in comparison when Andy’s long lost daughter is suspected of arson. Suddenly the town’s outrage reaches a rapid boil, and the future of the Buckland-Rosetti clan is about to go up in flames. Can Andy beat the competition, keep her man, and catch an arsonist before her hard won reputation is reduced to cinders?

**Recipes included**

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2016 4.00