Murder Beach

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Murder Beach

Rena Leith delights with not one but two fantastic murder mysteries in this contemporary ghost story. Class Peake is a solid heroine, a woman making a fresh start and I loved discovering alongside of her the history and folklore around her new house. I enjoyed her reactions and her determination to find out what happened to Doris Pierpont her new roommate. Her aplomb with a ghost and a disgruntled cat were admirable. The scenery and location almost became a character itself it was so wonderfully described and so pivotal to the story. Her brother and sister in law were fantastic support for her with her move and then the shock of a murder and a ghost. I'm still chuckling over her brother's reaction. I liked how this story interwove the past and the present mixing technology with history. I enjoyed the eclectic town and its inhabitants. But I must say my favourite part was watching an adult woman worry and struggle about making friends. The entire situation was handled with startling truth and made me admire the heroine and thus the author even more. This was a good read that entertained me and I suggest you enjoy it yourself.

The Story: When Cass Peake's marriage crumbles she finds herself having to start over. With a limited budget she is delighted to find and buy a beautiful house on the coast. It's only after the papers are signed and she's moving in that she hears about the house's horrible reputation. When another murder takes place on the beach she offers to help the ghost if the ghost helps her.

Book Blurb for Murder Beach

Her husband’s infidelity turns Cass Peake’s world upside down. Hoping to start fresh, she moves to a sleepy little town called Las Lunas on the northern California coast. The cute seaside bungalow is surprisingly affordable and Cass snaps it up. She soon discovers why the place was so cheap; it’s haunted! And the beach by her new home is called Murder Beach by locals. She can’t even get a pizza delivered.

Back in the Roaring Twenties, the bodies of Doris Pierpont, a notorious bootlegger’s daughter, and her lover were discovered on the beach. Summoned by a séance in the Swinging Sixties, Doris returned to the house. Now she wants to know who murdered her.

As Cass tries to make a new life and solve Doris’s murder, the corpse of the local bookstore owner is found in the sand. Is Murder Beach living up to its name once again?

Night Owl Reviews May, 2017 4.00