Murder at the Tremont House

A Blue Plate Café Mystery, #2

Judy Alter returns readers to Wheeler Texas where twin sisters Kate and Donna can't be more different, which provides some very interesting insights to life in the quaint town.

Kate seems a little more at ease with her decision to return to her hometown in this installment. And she is making a success of running the diner. I love the fact that she is so laid back about almost everything in her life. I always assumed anyone who worked in a law office would be more driven.

Donna is as entertaining and self-centered as she was in the previous story, perhaps even more so. I love how much and how little has changed in the small town since the conclusion of the previous story and I like that the issues and problems have not been glossed over but rather expanded in this second book.

Journalist Sara Jo is your typical intrusive tabloid journalist persona and yet she doesn't seem clichéd. The author has once again delivered a cute and clever mystery that I enjoyed reading very on a rainy Sunday. I can't wait to see what Kate gets into next.

The Story:

After successfully solving a murder a few months ago Kate is looking forward to a rather quiet life in small town Wheeler, Texas. But life in her hometown is anything but quiet when a journalist comes to town and starts stirring up secrets and trouble. Soon Kate is juggling work and cooking classes; disappearances and a kidnappings oh yes and another murder. All while dealing with a love triangle and her needy, self-absorbed sister.

Book Blurb for Murder at the Tremont House

A journalist comes to Wheeler, Texas, intent on revealing the town’s secrets. Instead she finds a stubborn advocate of the town in Kate Chambers, and the tangled story leads to murder, kidnapping and a high-speed chase.

When free-lance journalist Sara Jo Cavanaugh comes to Wheeler to do an in-depth study of Kate’s town for a feature on small-town America, Kate senses she will be trouble. Sara Jo stays at her sister Donna’s B&B, The Tremont House, and unwittingly drives a further wedge into Donna’s marriage to Wheeler’s mayor Tom Bryson. And soon she’s spending way too much time interviewing high school students, one young athlete in particular. Police chief Rick Samuels ignores Kate’s instinct, but lawyer David Clinkscales, her former boss from Dallas, takes it more seriously.

Sara Jo arouses animosity in Wheeler with the personal, intrusive questions she asks, and when she is found murdered, the list of suspects is long. But Kate heads the list, and she must clear her name, with the help of David and Rick. A second murder confirms that someone is desperate, and now Rick is convinced Kate is in danger.

There’s a love triangle, a cooking school, a kidnapping, a broken marriage, and a lot of adventure before the threads of this mystery are untangled and Wheeler can go back to being a peaceful small town. If it ever does.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2014 4.00