Murder at the Blue Plate Café

A Blue Plate Café Mystery, #1

Judy Alter has introduced me to a fantastic new sleuth and her fantastic hometown. I also got to meet some of the most interesting women I've ever met between the pages of a book. I loved that the heroine Kate was such a realistic person, a mature career woman who isn't innocent or naive just a real thirty-two -year old woman who has made some good and bad decisions.

Donna was such a bitchy diva and yet as annoying as I found a lot of her actions I never really hated her. The Mayor was a whole different story and I never did warm up to her. Come to think of it the men in this story are pretty interesting too, Kate's brother in law reminded me of a Labrador puppy, her former boss is intelligent and affable and I'd love to get to know him a little better.

The resident small-town lawman is a hard nut to crack and while I enjoyed watching his interactions with Kate I'm glad that this was a mystery and not a romantic suspense.

If you are looking for a cozy whodunnit to keep you entertained this is an entertaining choice. I myself, am looking forward to seeing what other situations Kate can land herself in.

The Story:

When the grandmother who raised her and her twin sister suddenly dies, big city career and party gal Kate returns to Texas and soon takes over the local diner. Soon she finds herself involved in a murder mystery and arguing with her sister over their inheritance and battling an over-zealous mayor who wants to make her life miserable. But things get worse when there is a poisoning and then a murder. What choice does Kate have but to solve it?

Book Blurb for Murder at the Blue Plate Café

When twin sisters Kate and Donna inherit their grandmother’s restaurant, the Blue Plate Café in Wheeler, Texas, there’s immediate conflict. Donna wants to sell and use her money to establish a B & B; Kate wants to keep the Café. Thirty-two-year-old Kate leaves a Dallas career as a paralegal and a married lover to move back to Wheeler and run the café, while Donna plans her B & B and complicates her life by having an affair with her sole investor.

Kate soon learns that Wheeler is not the idyllic small town she thought it was fourteen years ago. The mayor, a woman, is power-mad and listens to no one, and the chief of the police department, newly come from Dallas, doesn’t understand small-town ways. Worst of all, blunt, outspoken Donna is not well liked by some town folk. The mayor of Wheeler becomes seriously ill after eating food from the café, delivered by Donna’s husband, and the death of another patron makes Kate even more suspicious of her grandmother’s sudden death.

When Donna’s investor is shot, all signs point to Donna, and she is arrested. Kate must defend her sister and solve the murders to keep her business open, but even Kate begins to wonder about the sister with whom she has a love-hate relationship. Gram guides Kate through it all, though Kate’s never quite sure she’s hearing Gram—and sometimes Gram’s guidance is really off the wall.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2014 4.00