Merryweather Lodge

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Merryweather Lodge

Pauline Holyoak creates a charming and terrifying location for readers to lose themselves to the lure of spooky tales and long-ago legends. I have always been a believer of folk tales so it wasn't long before I felt myself falling under the spell of Merryweather Lodge and the strange happenings that the young Emily finds herself in the middle of. Emily is such a likable character full of zest and curiosity balanced with the usual insecurities of an awkward teenage girl. The older Emily is just as easy to relate to and it is nice to see that her personality has not changed much at all in the years since her last visit to England. Jonathan is an interesting leading man but I never felt a connection with him. I loved the location of this story as it takes on a life of its own and I'll admit to being scared silly when my cat came running and jumped up beside me while I was reading. I was drawn into the mystery of the story and I loved the quant humor that balanced the chilling horror. I wish Emily's parents could have been shown in greater detail, as I felt they had a lot more to offer to the story development and could have added more insight into our heroine's feelings and actions. This story is a good choice if you are looking for a solid mixture of paranormal and suspense.

While visiting her Aunt and Uncle in England Emily discovers first-hand all about a local legend that most locals keep quiet about. She discovers the idyllic cottage where her relatives live holds the key to some sinister happenings. Emily's not sure what to believe in but she finds herself falling for the gorgeous, older Jonathan McArthur who feels more than familiar. Will Emily solve the mystery that everyone else seems determined to ignore?

Book Blurb for Merryweather Lodge

Emily couldn’t wait to visit her Aunt and Uncle in their quaint and mysterious little cottage near Stonehenge. But it doesn’t take her long to realize that her fairytale kingdom has a sinister twist. One night in her attic bedroom she is confronted by an evil entity that would taunt her for the rest of her stay and long after that. Who is this hideous creature and what does she want? When Emily meets the gorgeous Jonathan McArthur she is infatuated, consumed with lust and an odd familiarity, as if they had met before. Will he be coaxed by the peculiar old gypsy to enter the dreaded woodlot? Can the bloody ancient curse be removed before it’s too late? And will Emily ever get to feel his lips on hers? A chilling tale of love, passion, sorcery and sacrifice; laced with mystery and tied with humor. Inspired by the author’s own experiences in a remote little cottage near Stonehenge. 

Night Owl Reviews May, 2011 3.50