Sharon Ervin weaves an intriguing tale in this contemporary mystery. Memory Smith is almost too good to be real and I enjoyed getting to know to woman behind the town legend. She is definitely a unique woman. Her bravery and her straightforwardness is refreshing and on more than one occasion humor inducing. David McCann is a fantastic leading man and experiencing a good portion of the story through his point of view gives so much insight into the perception everyone has of Memory. It was a treat witnessing his deep feelings and his struggle with them. I will admit that a time or two his attitude angered me but on the whole I believe he was a good match for Memory. Getting to know the victim was interesting and discovering the various connections with others was interesting. The mystery itself is interesting with many layers but I did feel as if I didn't get answers to all my questions and was left with a feeling of missing something. This is an interesting read if you like mysteries involving small towns and the various personalities that inhabit them.

When former town bad boy David McCann rescues golden girl Memory Smith on a dark and rainy night he never thought he'd end up involved with a murder investigation. Was Memory the intended victim? Or will she be the next victim?

Book Blurb for Memory

A woman's mangled body found on the shoulder of a highway bypass near the small town of Astrick, Oklahoma, is mistakenly identified as 28-year-old Memory Smith. The town is aghast. Was Astrick's favorite daughter murdered or the victim of a grisly hit-and-run?

Baffled by the initial reports, Astrick's Assistant District Attorney and Memory's former bad boy classmate, David (Mac) McCann, knows exactly where Memory is, and it's not lying dead beside a highway.

While investigating the wild rumor of her death, and several subsequent foiled assaults on Memory, Mac and Memory stumble onto clues from another long-ago questionable death. Can they be connected to the mysterious woman on the highway? Better yet, can Astrick’s former hellion and the town's sainted miracle child find true love amid the chaos and confusion of a bumbling kidnapper and a town where everybody lies?

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2017 3.50