Magnolias at Midnight

Kate Maxwell takes readers beyond the society pages of the south with this erotic suspense and gives readers a glance in to the lives some of us can only dream about. Ellie Martin is an engaging hero, fresh and young so is believable and genuinely likable and her roommate is a treasure. The scenario Ellie finds herself in is realistic with just the right hint of surrealism to hook the reader’s interest. Christopher Trader is a wonderful hero with superb good looks, a self-made fortune and a mysterious sad past. The smoking hot chemistry between the lead couple ensures the suspense isn’t the only thing to heat up. The sex is steamy and straightforward, leaving nothing to the imagination. The setting was perfect. I enjoyed just how intense this story was, the almost gritty situation was cleverly disguised with the veneer of refinement we expect from upper-class society. As a debut story I’m looking forward to what else this author can give as she seems to have a great playground to work with.

Young journalist Ellie Martin finds herself embroiled in a family feud after she meets the super sexy host of the society party she is covering. Christopher Trader’s sister is the debutante and the party is like a fairytale come true especially when Ellie seems to have met her prince charming. However just as she and Christopher begin to explore their explosive attraction danger comes calling.

Book Blurb for Magnolias at Midnight

When aspiring journalist and small-town girl Ellie Martin is sent to cover the biggest New Orleans deb party of the season, she soon finds herself the object of desire of the party’s mysterious host—Christopher Trader, the debutante’s devastatingly handsome older brother.

From the moment Ellie feels the powerful playboy’s eyes upon her, she is seduced by his world of lavish wealth and wild, hot sex in and out of bed—and she succumbs to the sensual nature she never knew she possessed.

A deliriously happy Ellie soon finds herself thrust in the middle of an all-out family war. Ensnared in the Trader family turmoil, she begins to unravel a web of dark secrets and lies, fueled by adultery and murder.

What Ellie doesn’t realize is that the vendetta that lies at the heart of the feud may just lead to her own undoing—or worse.

A Romantica® contemporary suspense erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2014 3.50