Love My Pain

Cape Falls Book 6

Sam Crescent is one of my favourite steamy romance authors but with this story she shows that she can do heavy emotions as well. Isabel Benson is a complicated young woman and Edward Banner wants to help her. But Edward doesn't want to change her. That's what made this such a poignant piece for me. The sexual attraction was definitely there, but there was a friendship a real bond between these two. That bond pulled me in and kept my heart engaged.

Edward is demanding and often overwhelmed and overwhelming. The entire package is what made him so appealing. He is such a wonderful fit for Isabel.

Isabel is smart and such a survivor, yet she has issues. I enjoyed the fact that this story didn't sugarcoat the issues or turn it into a clinical diagnosis. Instead the author approached it from how Isabel's actions affected her and how Edward and others loved her. If you enjoy this author's sexy shorts, give this serious story a read. There is still plenty of her trademark heat and you'll get to experience a much deeper story.

The Story: Edward Banner is definitely out of his depth. He's moved from the UK to a small town in the US that practically worships small town virtues and old fashioned values. When he discovers Isabel Benson's secret, can he be there for her when she needs him and can this trust be the basis of a solid relationship?

Book Blurb for Love My Pain

Welcome to Cape Falls, a town with old-fashioned values.

Edward Banner is so out of his depth, and he knows it. Falling for a waitress that is younger than he is was one thing. Falling for a woman who self-harms? That is another thing altogether. He doesn’t understand it. But he can’t bear to see it happen, and there’s no turning back.

Isabel Benson has not lived a great life. Abandoned by her parents from a young age, she was the one who raised her little sister. When the pressures of life got too much, she found one solution to get herself through, the only thing she could ever control, cutting. It’s hers alone. Her little secret—until Edward catches her.

He wants her to stop, but she doesn’t know if she can. There is no easy way to help. But he’s not walking away like so many people have in her life. He’s not going to stop loving her, and he’s not going to stop being there.

Can Isabel find the strength to see that she doesn’t need to hurt herself anymore? Will Edward stay true to his word, and stay by her side?


Be Warned: spanking

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2017 4.50