Lock and Load

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Lock and Load

Strike Force Book 2

Desiree Holt is definitely the queen of sexy suspense and thank goodness she is so prolific because her latest in this series is a must read. Beau Williams and Megan Welles have intense, immediate chemistry and watching them try to navigate their way around this unexpected relationship is absolutely exhilarating. Neither one is looking for anything serious but fate seems to have different plans and seeing how they are dealing with it was entertaining and amusing and at times scorchingly hot. Beau has so many different layers and I loved learning every new detail along with Megan. I loved how he supported Megan so wholeheartedly and admired how thrilled he was with her career and how sharp her mind was. He was just so much more than a military hero. Even though that was a major portion of his personality, he was also an intelligent, loyal and fun. His protectiveness was justified and not possessive and I couldn’t help but hold my breath hoping that these two could stay safe and have a future together. I cannot wait to read the next story in this series because without a doubt I know it will be as spectacular as this one.

The Story: On his last leave sniper Beau met and connected with sports reporter Megan. Neither was looking for anything beyond casual but Beau is on leave again and all he can think about is Megan who has become embroiled in a sensational story. Can Megan get the story, as well as the love of a lifetime?

Book Blurb for Lock and Load


Book two in the Strike Force series - newly expanded version!

A sniper and a reporter—can they face danger together?

Women are the best stress reliever for Delta Force sniper Beau Williams and variety is definitely the spice of his life—until he meets sexy, feisty sports reporter Megan Welles. The sparks between them are caused as much by the heated sexual attraction as by the force of their personalities. But the more time they spend together, the brighter the flame burns.

Megan is working on the story of a lifetime—the unexplained deaths of several aging athletes who had stellar years. They only realize how dangerous her hunt is when she receives threatening texts and an attempt is made to take her out of the game.

When everything explodes in a hostage situation, Beau and his Delta Force team leader save her, but Beau can’t deal with the way she put herself in jeopardy and she can’t handle what she sees as his controlling attitude. Can the Christmas season heal the breach between them?

Night Owl Reviews May, 2018 5.00