Lilacs, Litigation, and Lethal Love Affairs

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Lilacs, Litigation, and Lethal Love Affairs

Deadly Landscaping Series

JL Wilson treats her readers to a gentle suspense much like a traditional cozy mystery full of light fun and appealing characters. Cassie, her family and acquaintances are charming and likable, even the bad guys. I love how she shows that life's adventures aren't just for the young and that starting over might have its downside but it definitely has upsides too. This is a clever whodunit packed with an outstanding secondary cast. The detailed descriptions of the charming location added to my enjoyment and I'd like to visit just to compare the particulars. This heroine certainly proves that romance and excitement don't disappear when the gray hair shows up. I loved Sam as he makes such an attractive leading man both in temperament and appearance. I'm looking forward to seeing just what Cassie and her cronies will get up to in the upcoming Deadly Landscaping adventures.

Cassie Whittington's life is complicated. A wealthy relative leaves her estate to Cassie but angry family members tie it up in court battles. After losing her high-tech job she's started a new career in landscaping. As an added bonus Sam Barlow is becoming more than just her new boss. Now she has to deal with a murder in the greenhouse, a threat from Sam's ex-wife and the fact her own ex is still in love with her.

Book Blurb for Lilacs, Litigation, and Lethal Love Affairs

Cassie Whittington thought she was starting a new life in the landscaping business after being laid off from her high-tech job. She didn't count on catching the eye of her new boss, Sam Barlow, the owner of the business where she works. When Cassie inherits an estate from an elderly relative, her life gets really complicated, especially when the inheritance is tied up in court because of unhappy family members who feel deprived of their rightful share. Add to all this the discovery that her ex-husband is still in love with her, a threat from Sam's ex-wife, and a murder in the greenhouse...if Cassie isn't careful, her new life might be ended before it can begin.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2011 3.75