Light My Fire

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Light My Fire

The Liberty Heights series #4

Elle Druskin once again brightens up any reader’s day by taking them to the fabulous setting of Liberty Heights. Kara Wilson is a sweet heroine who was so easy to relate to and Woody is the perfect hometown good boy. He might seem a little too noble to be true but he has just the right amount of flaws to make him a pleasant hero and a perfect match for Kara and her daughter. I’m wondering where and if I can order my very own Miracle Dress on line and if it will work as many wonders for me. The supporting cast once again just makes the adventure so much more enjoyable.

I’ve said it before but I just have to say it again, I love Liberty Heights and its eccentric residents. You just never know what’s going to happen and I’m always pleasantly surprised and mightily pleased with any events that do take place. If you are looking for a fabulous feel-good read, than this is the perfect choice. I always hate to come to the end of one of these stories, but I cannot wait to see what happens next to the friends and neighbors in one of my favorite small-town settings.


Can a campaign help Liberty Heights mayor and Fire Chief Woodrow Wilson win the election and the heart of the woman he has been not-so-secretly in love with for years? Young widow Kara Wilson has waited long enough for Woody to make his move, so now she’s prepared to take action herself to make her dreams come true. Can the well-meaning meddling of some interesting locals finally get these two together?

Book Blurb for Light My Fire

Widowed single mother Kara Wilson has a lot more in common with Liberty Heights mayor and fire chief Woodrow Wilson than either realize. Both are secretly in love with the other, not daring to hope their dreams can come true. With the help of the “Miracle Dress” and Wayne’s psychic predictions, Kara and Woody just might have a chance for a happily ever after, Liberty Heights style.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2013 4.50