Kissing the Tycoon

A Sherman Cousin Short Story 3.5

Dominique Eastwick wraps readers in an intense romance with this contemporary short. Once upon a time I wasn’t such a fan of reunited or rekindled love stories however I find as I get older I choose them more often to read, maybe it’s because I long to believe in second chances and that everyone deserves their happily ever after. I’m happy that I picked up this story as Barret quickly found a place in my heart. I loved how deep his feelings ran and yet because he wasn’t very vocal it led to misunderstandings. I love curvy gal heroines and Riley was the perfect match to Barret’s strong personality. I felt as if I got to know him a little better and would have enjoyed seeing a little more insight in to her character but for the length of this story I wasn’t disappointed with how much detail I did get. I was intrigued by the supporting cast and cannot wait to read more about them all. This is the first Sherman Cousin story I’ve read but I doubt it will be the last. I’d also love to see Barret’s brother find his very own romance.

Two years ago Riley Sherman could no longer play second fiddle to her boyfriend’s business so she walked out on Barret Briggs. However, has never forgotten her and regrets letting his drive to be successful ruin their relationship. When a chance encounter brings the two together again can he prove to her that he has changed and is indeed worthy of her love?

Book Blurb for Kissing the Tycoon

If you love something...

Riley Sherman knew when to cut her losses. Although she loved Barret, he never seemed ready to commit. His business would always be his first love.

If it doesn't come back...

Barret Briggs grew up poor and would be damned if anyone he loved ever went hungry again. Too late he realized that hunger can eat at the heart too.

But what if loves bumps back into you?

When fate throws them together again, can he prove to her he is now worthy of her love? And can she open herself up enough to let him back in?

Can two brokenhearted lovers find their Finally Ever After?

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2014 3.50