Killer Unleashed

a Humorous Romantic Mystery

Beth Prentice pens a tail wagging good time with this fun cozy mystery called Killer Unleashed. The main character Chloe is just your average nice girl who has a hard time saying no to people, it's a trait that is very relatable. I loved that when she finally did say no to something, she seemed to have unleashed a whole pack of trouble. While the mystery was far from taxing, the adventure was a frolicking one. I enjoyed watching Chloe and her best friend just hanging out or snooping. I found myself holding my breath over every crazy encounter Chloe had and hoped she wasn't truly in danger. But besides the dangerous encounters, I couldn't help but worry about Chloe's heart because I didn't want anyone to use it as a chew toy. As a dog lover, I found this story highly entertaining. I haven't giggled so much while reading a book in a long while as I witnessed Theo christen her bedspread and her entire house. It’s amazing how funny something like that is when it is happening to someone else and not yourself. If you're looking for a great way to spend a lazy day of summer or a wonderful reason to snuggle up with your fur baby, this is a great read.

When Chloe agrees to bring her neighbor's dog to the animal shelter she has no idea how ‘wuff’ her life is about to get. Soon she's a proud puppy parent dealing with creepy new neighbours, a masked attacker, a break-in, a nosy ex-boyfriend, a dramatic best friend and a sexy new neighbor.

Book Blurb for Killer Unleashed

From internationally acclaimed author Beth Prentice comes a mystery that's gone to the dogs...

Meet Chloe: she has a house, a best friend, and absolutely no idea how to say "no." So when her elderly neighbor asks her to surrender a little dog named Theo to the animal shelter, of course Chloe agrees. And when Theo pulls out his big puppy dog eyes, Chloe reluctantly gains a dog. And that’s when the trouble starts.

An attempted dog snatching, a break in, a masked attacker, and a hit and run all add up to big problems. Everybody seems to be looking for something. If only Chloe knew what that something was. And with a sexy new neighbor named Brody, a creepy new neighbor named Rick, and her ex-boyfriend Jack snooping around, the men in Chloe's life seem to be multiplying. With the help of her new neighbor, Chloe may just be able to figure out what key Theo holds to the whole mess...if she can keep them both alive!

Note: This book was previously published under the title "It Started with Theo."

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2016 3.50