Killer Kitchens

Murders by Design, #3

Jean Harrington's delightful designer Deva Dunne returns in this fun and fabulous cozy mystery. I am happy to once again see the decorating amateur detective find herself surrounded by murder and mayhem. Deva is a strong heroine with just the right amount of vulnerability and strength and it's wonderful to see her in action solving renovation dilemmas and criminal quandaries. Love interest and policeman Rossi is as charming as ever and dazzles with his wardrobe choices as much as his interrogation skills. The set of quirky characters involved this go-around adds distractions, diversions and depth to the story. The Florida setting was quite refreshing and the subtle romance made for a realistic feel to this adventure. I loved the vivid descriptions of the house and the various projects Deva is working on. It was just the right amount of detail without being overwhelming or instructional. If you are looking for an entertaining and enthusiastic suspense story I recommend you pick this one up.

Deva Dunne is determined to make a success of her interior design business and when an unfortunate event with a friend leads her to a client with deep pockets and designer tastes she can't wait to get her hands on the empty mansion and transform it. Detective Rossi has other plans, he wants Deva to stay away from Francesco Grandese but when someone ends up dead Deva just can't stay out of it.

Book Blurb for Killer Kitchens

Book three of Murders by Design

Interior designer Deva Dunne just may have hit the jackpot. Sure, her new client Francesco Grandese talks tough and has shady friends, but he has the eye of a connoisseur, and a huge, empty mansion he wants her to decorate.

Deva's boyfriend, police lieutenant Victor Rossi, has misgivings about her promising job—especially when he accompanies her to one of Francesco's dinner parties. After Francesco returns a dish to the kitchen untasted, the chauffeur promptly scarfs it down and drops dead from cyanide poisoning.

Has the killer made a terrible mistake and murdered the wrong person? Or was the dead man the intended victim? The only thing Deva knows for certain is someone present that night committed murder. And it seems everyone—from the dinner guests to the kitchen help—has a motive.

71,000 words

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2015 4.00