Killer Colada

Danger Cove, #8

Once again, Sibel Hodge and Elizabeth Ashby take readers to Danger Cove in this fast and fun mystery called Killer Colada, which is the eighth book in the Danger Cove Mystery series. I love this series because it reminds me of watching the show Murder She Wrote with my grandmother when it used to be on TV. In Killer Colada, the inhabitants of the town are quirky and interesting with just the perfect amount of un-believability. Hope Foster is an extremely likable heroine. I loved her easy-going ways and the fact that she is so well adjusted for someone who has such an unusual past. And, I couldn't help but admire her good manners and patience when speaking with the rude detective. I can relate to her character because I too have a soft spot for men with British accents and lovely eyes. The characters Ruby and Vernon are a hoot to read about because they are so adorable and crazy, as well as crazy for one another. I enjoyed the mystery because it wasn't too hard to follow and wasn't too easy that it seemed anyone could have figured it out. Another bonus to the story is that it has pirate treasure, and who doesn't love pirate treasure? If you're looking for a pleasant diversion for your reality, you've got to read Killer Colada.

Hope Foster has had enough of murder but it seems fate has other plans for her when she and her friend Ruby discover the body of Pandora Williams. Instead of spending the afternoon being pampered, Hope now finds herself in the middle of a twenty-year-old murder mystery. Can she solve it before becoming a victim herself?

Book Blurb for Killer Colada

It's been a stressful couple of months for bartender, Hope Foster, so her best friend Ruby treats her to an afternoon of holistic pampering with therapist Pandora Williams. But what should be a relaxing getaway turns into a murder scene when Hope and Ruby stumble across Pandora's lifeless body in the kitchen next to a killer cocktail.

Hope is convinced that the police are barking up the wrong tree when it comes to suspects. But as she digs further into Pandora's past, it's seems she's opening the proverbial box. Twenty years ago, Pandora's daughter, Jenna, disappeared one night after arranging to meet her fiancé, Tim, to break off their engagement. Pandora had always believed that Tim killed her daughter, although she'd never been able to prove it. Is Pandora's murder connected with a decades-old family tragedy? Or has someone used the past as a convenient way to frame the fiancé? With the police wearing blinders, it's up to Hope, Ruby, and ex-FBI agent Vernon to find out the any cost!

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2016 4.00